Critical Geekery

Hi! I’m Jim. I’m a graduate student in English (I’m almost done!), and I have a lifelong love for comics, video games, roleplaying games, films, anime, and books in general. I started this blog, because I really needed an outlet for all my thoughts, and I missed having an excuse to write and exercise my critical reading skills. That’s kind of why I called this blog “Critical Geekery.” It’s my chance to think critically about the aspects of geek culture that I am involved with. Also, it’s a multi-layer pun (and I like multi-layer puns). There’s the aforementioned critical thinking/reading, the blog will also feature some degree of criticism in the form of reviews, and, you know, critical hits in role-playing games are awesome. So there’s that.

So yeah… the purpose of this blog is basically to give me a chance to write about all the nerdy and geeky things that I love to over-analyze anyway. Expect some reviews, essays, stories about personal experiences (conventions, role-playing games, etc), and anything else that I think you guys will enjoy reading about. Also, you should expect spoilers. Since my method of reviewing and discussion hinges on analyzing the text, it means I have to spoil stuff. I’m sorry about that. I will try to not spoil things unnecessarily, but suffice it to say, if you care about spoilers and see an entry on my blog about something you haven’t seen or read, then you should not read that entry until you are no longer at risk of being spoiled.

I’m hoping to start some friendly and smart discussions here, so please feel free to comment. Enjoy!

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