The Fight for Young Justice Season 3

Young Justice was a show on Cartoon Network that followed a group of younger heroes in the DC universe. It was loosely based on the concept of the Young Justice comic, and it was fantastic. It was one of the best written and produced superhero television shows, let alone cartoons. It had gorgeous art, and a compelling plot, and, in addition , it offers a diverse cast with solid representation for both racial minorities and women. And Cartoon Network canceled it in 2013 after two great season. The reasons why Cartoon Network canceled it despite good ratings and critical acclaim have been long speculated. Some say, it didn’t sell enough toys. There has been speculation through some inside sources that the fact that the show had a high female viewership meant that it didn’t meet Cartoon Network’s expectation of an audience of young boys, and so they didn’t know how to market it. Regardless, ever since then, there have been petitions, request for crowd funding, letters, and social network outcry for there to be a third season of the show. And it looks like, we might finally be getting somewhere.

For a while now, season 1 of Young Justice has been on Netflix, but they have just recently added season 2, and once they did, the creators of the show Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti made it clear that if fans wanted a third season of the show, now is the time to binge it on Netflix. Because, if it does well, Netflix might pick it up and do a third season themselves. So this is what fans did. They took to twitter and blasted the hashtag #RenewYoungJustice and #keepbingingyj to get some attention for the show. Fans were joined by the cast of the show and the creators of the show as they shared personal experiences, great television moments, and fan art while waiting to hear news of a possible renewal. In addition, some people took it upon themselves to contact Netflix itself. And this is the source of most of the news that we are getting now. Now, I want to offer a word of warning that often customer service representatives do not have all the information, or misunderstand the question. They are very busy, don’t have a lot of power, and it’s really hard to keep everything straight. So these are not a set in stone confirmation of a renewal. But, they do offer some hope.


Here DC_Animated, a fan twitter account that shares art, news and moments from the DC universe shares an interaction with Netflix where the Netflix representative says they are working with Cartoon Network to try to get the rights to takeover the show. Similarly:

So @SnivyLink’s conversation with Netflix went similarly, except it seems even more specific and hopeful. They are working on licensing it, and they may have an announcement soon.

What the YJ fans are doing this time around seems to be working and getting traction. Netflix is following hashtags, they are being responsive to fans, and they are working to do something to continue Young Justice. If there is any official announcement, I’ll let you guys know, but, for now, I think we can all be a little more hopeful than we have been about this show in the last three years.

Until we hear something, though, keep on binging Young Justice so Netflix knows how popular it is.


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