About Me


Hi! I’m Jim, and I think way too much about things. That’s basically what this blog is. It’s an outlet for me to voice all those thoughts I have about things I see, or read, or experience. I hope to be somewhat entertaining along the way and to start some interesting discussions, or at least to make people think.

A little about me… I’m a huge nerd (in case the Scarlet Spider hoodie didn’t give that away). I mean, I guess most people are nerds for something or other, right? All that really means is you have a shameless enthusiasm for something. That thing can be movies, or television shows, or sports, but I am a nerd in some very classic senses. I like video games, comic books, literature (I nearly have a master’s degree in English), and tabletop role-playing games, among other things. I’m married (to another wonderful nerd), I have two cats, and I enjoy writing a LOT. Hopefully, that means that you will get a lot of content. Hopefully “you” in this case is not just my computer and someone is actually reading this. If you are… Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Have a look around, and feel free to leave a comment.

Contact Me:
E-Mail: CriticalGeekery@gmail.com
Twitter: @criticalgeekery
Tumblr: Critical Geekery

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