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Wait… Which Blade?

Hi, Everybody! I know it’s been a long time. Let me do some catching up. Let’s see … Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Fun, heartwarming, and not at all what I expected, but not as funny as the first movie … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Spider-Suits

There have been a LOT of suits worn by Spider-Man and other Spider-Peeps through the years. Some look silly, some look awesome, some are classic, and some are modern and sleek. These are my ten favorites! #10 Cosmic Spider-Man Image Source … Continue reading

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Top 10 Comics of 2016

Okay so before I start. Some disclaimers: 1.) I do not have infinite money. As a result, I did not read as many comics this year as I wish I had (maybe some day, I will put in some sort … Continue reading

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Streaming Resident Evil 7

I’m going to be streaming Resident Evil 7 in about 15 minutes at around 3:15 Central. Hopefully, over at If you want to come check it out, go for it! We can hang out and you can watch me scare … Continue reading

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Full Spoiler Review

This review of Rogue One contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the film. If you do not want to be spoiled, and you have not seen the movie, do NOT read past this point. Go watch it! Then come back. If you … Continue reading

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Carrie Fisher…

So, I was going to finally post my full Rogue One review today, but now, it just seems so meaningless next to what happened this morning. So it will be up sometime this week, when I am feeling more up to … Continue reading

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Rogue One: A Spoiler Free Review

Spoiler-free review for today! I’ll write a full-on spoiler review on Wednesday, after I watch the film for a second time on Tuesday (hopefully, this time in a theater that doesn’t have projector issues like this one did. *grumble*). So… … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide for the Comic Book Fan in Your Life

I meant to get this out earlier, but… I had to move, and life has been crazy busy. But hey! There’s still one week left until Christmas. I know SOME of you are still shopping for gifts, and maybe there … Continue reading

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Luke Cage Review

This review contains spoilers for Marvel/Netflix’s Luke Cage. I have a brief spoiler free review below, but then after the cut is spoiler city. If you have NOT watched Luke Cage yet, and you care about spoilers, go do so before reading … Continue reading

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Luke Cage is coming this Friday!

So in a few days, we will have the next installment in the Marvel/Netflix Street-Level Heroes television shows: Luke Cage. If you have watched Jessica Jones, you already know this character and why this show is exciting, if you haven’t, … Continue reading

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