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Holiday Gift Guide for the Comic Book Fan in Your Life

I meant to get this out earlier, but… I had to move, and life has been crazy busy. But hey! There’s still one week left until Christmas. I know SOME of you are still shopping for gifts, and maybe there … Continue reading

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Luke Cage Review

This review contains spoilers for Marvel/Netflix’s Luke Cage. I have a brief spoiler free review below, but then after the cut is spoiler city. If you have NOT watched Luke Cage yet, and you care about spoilers, go do so before reading … Continue reading

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Luke Cage is coming this Friday!

So in a few days, we will have the next installment in the Marvel/Netflix Street-Level Heroes television shows: Luke Cage. If you have watched Jessica Jones, you already know this character and why this show is exciting, if you haven’t, … Continue reading

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Suicide Squad Review

This includes some spoilers for Suicide Squad. I have left most of the major plot spoilers out, but if you want to go into the movie completely fresh, and you haven’t seen it yet, wait until you watch the movie to … Continue reading

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Justice League Movie Teaser Reaction

The first San Diego Comic Con trailer that I want to talk about is the one for Justice League. In part, because it was the film I was the most pessimistic about. I disliked Batman V Superman, I disliked Man … Continue reading

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Is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Still a Bad Movie?

This analysis contains spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition. If you have not seen this movie, reading this post will spoil MAJOR parts of it for you. Continue to read at your own risk.

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Coming Soon…

Sorry I disappeared for a while. Pokemon Go and like family stuff ate my life, but I’m back now, and HOLY CRAP did stuff happen to talk about. SDCC is full of news and trailers and just too much stuff … Continue reading

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