Holiday Gift Guide for the Comic Book Fan in Your Life

I meant to get this out earlier, but… I had to move, and life has been crazy busy. But hey! There’s still one week left until Christmas. I know SOME of you are still shopping for gifts, and maybe there is a comic fan in your life and you have NO IDEA what to get him or her. It’s cool. I’m here to help. Here are some ideas, in no particular order.

(For the record, I am going to provide links to Amazon for these things, but if you can support your local comic shop by buying them there, please do so!)

Injustice: Year 5 Vol. 1

This is one of the best comic series in the last few years, and it is coming to an end. The first volume of the last year (it is split into 5 different years) came out on December 13th. If you are buying a gift for someone who is already reading Injustice, obviously, this volume will help to continue their collection. If they are a comic book fan and they have NOT read Injustice yet, just start getting them the whole damned thing. They will not be disappointed. This series has incredibly well-crafted writing (to the point where when there IS a piece of dialogue that seems cliché, but would be totally normal in a comic book I take note of it, and then realize that I’m only noticing it, because the other writing is SO GOOD), it has some of the best representations of characters like Harley Quinn and Black Canary that I’ve seen, and it’s just a great look at a potential alternate DC universe. THIS is what I wish Warner Bros would have made a movie out of, instead of Batman v Superman, but alas, they did not.

Saga Alana and Marko action figures

There are Saga action figures now!? (as I heard one fan exclaim in my local comic shop) Yes. Yes there are, and they are beautifully constructed. They were a comic-con exclusive, but you can pick them up on Amazon or at some comic book stores, if you are lucky enough to have a local comic store that has them (as I do). This may be a bit pricey, but your gift recipient will love it if they are a fan of Saga (and who isn’t, really? People who haven’t read Saga. That’s who. You can fix that by buying them Saga… and then these!).

DC Universe: Rebirth Deluxe Edition

This issue was one of the best individual comic issues I read this year. It helped to revitalize DC comics after the universe had lost its way and diverged from what always made it so great. Not only does this issue facilitate the transition into the Rebirth series and work to shine a light on the problems of the new 52 within the contexts of the universe itself, it ALSO is just a fantastically written story which is both touching, heart breaking, and sometimes funny. This deluxe edition would be a great addition to any comic fan’s collection.

Justice League Tarot Cards

(I would like to point out that these, especially are annoying to buy on Amazon. The price varies greatly. See if you can find them in a store)

The art on these cards is so cool. This may be kind of a niche item for someone, but if you know someone who likes Tarot cards and ALSO likes comics, this would be a great gift for them. That’s pretty much all I have to say on that front.

Captain America: Civil War

It would be weird if I didn’t put this on here. It’s one of the best movies in the MCU. Certainly the best comic book movie this year. I never got around to reviewing it, but it pulls off some miraculous stuff within the confines of its runtime, giving each character an individual, fully fleshed out story arc in a movie PACKED with characters.

Marvel Legends Series: Edge of the Spider-Verse: Spider-Gwen

One of the best new marvel characters. Spider-Gwen is so amazing that the fans basically forced Marvel to give her a comic. She’s basically the Harley Quinn of Marvel, in that respect (and in no other respect). And now there is Spider-Gwen merch everywhere! Any of that merch would make a great gift, but the 11-year-old comic fan inside of me particularly loves this, because it’s like an old-school action figure and of such a great progressive character!

TPBs of Basically Any Image Title

You can almost just throw a dart. Start them on a new one, buy them the newest TPB of Saga. Buy Sunstone (one of the best comics I read this year, and the final volume of THAT is coming out soon), get them Descender… Whatever you feel like they will like. Honestly, Image just doesn’t publish bad comics anymore. This is the publisher who publishers The Walking Dead, which is a great comic, and one of the biggest hits in independent comics in history. And that, in my opinion, is one of their worst books. That should tell you how good Image is on average. So if all else fails, just buy the comic fan in your life any trade with an “i” on it.

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  1. gsanders says:

    That DC Tarot deck is tempting.


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